The Best Way to Reach Your Fitness Goals

As technology advances, we find that we are faced with an array of choices in all facets of our life. This in turn increases our appetites for newer, brighter and shinier things all the time and forget that the best things in life take time. We discover that our patience is lowered, and we are always on the lookout for instant gratification.

In the area of health and fitness, it does not work this way. Individuals are constantly fed with tonnes of information about the latest trends, media expedites the process and sometimes confuses many along the way. A case in point – pads that send electric signals to our tummy to give us abs.

If only it were THAT easy to get a six-pack!

Not all is dire. As more people recognize the importance of health and fitness in our modern society, the challenge we face is deciding which activity to commit to in order to achieve our fitness goals in the fastest time possible.

Here at The Fitness Project, we simplified it to 3 key elements:

  • What is your Goal?
  • What is your Motivation?
  • How Effective is your choice of workout?

First, we need to identify our fitness goal in the first place. Only when we set our goals then we can truly to be motivated correctly to achieve those goals.

Some general fitness goals:

  • Look better/more attractive
  • Relief stress
  • To be feel better about ourselves
  • To have better health
  • To lose weight or maintain our weight
  • To recover from injury
  • To prevent injury
  • To socialize

Be specific in your goals!

Next comes the motivation behind those fitness goals that we set for ourselves. Understanding the reason why we are doing what we do, helps keep us on track especially during times of weakness.

Lastly, after we identify our goals and our motivations, we just have to find the perfect exercise that would help us achieve our targets.

The Fitness Project would like to introduce Hydrofit Zen and Hydrofit Pump – Singapore’s latest aquatic trend.

HydroFit Zen in Action!

Hydrofit Zen and Hydrofit Pump are both programs done on the Boga FitMats that allows us to workout on the water. Both programs are specially designed to meet all your fitness goals hence it is the most effective workout:

  • It is a Great aerobic workout that improves cardiovascular fitness
  • It increase flexibility
  • It burns more calories which leads to weight lost
  • The unstable platform trains our stabilizing muscles in our joints and spine, reducing injuries
  • The calisthenic exercises help build total body muscle endurance
  • It has low impact on our joints and spine
  • It improves body posture and body awareness
  • It is fun and dynamic exercises promotes teamwork and conducive environment
  • The water element helps soothe the mind, body and soul, reducing stress and stiffness

We dare you to find other activity that has more boxes checked!