KPop Star Does it Too! Yuri of Girls Generation doing Yoga on Water!

We’ve all had that moment when we watch Kpop group Girls Generation or SNSD perform and go “Look at that body!” or “Their physique is amazing!” Well, the secret to one Yuri Kwon apparently is doing Yoga on water aka SUP Yoga!

Yuri has shown off a number of times, her toned body doing wildly flexible poses while balancing on a floating board. The benefits are obvious:

  • Full Body Workout – Increases overall power, strength, and agility.

  • Enhance Functional Qualities – Increase flexibility for all joints, range of motion, and power application.

  • Improve Balance, Coordination, and Control – Improve awareness of your body and be more conscientious of how the body works. Helps with better body balance, coordination and control.

  • Injury Prevention – Activate and strengthen stabilising muscles in our joints and spine for better health and injury prevention.

  • Soft Landing – Working out on floating mats lessen impact on joints while performing exercises and activities

  • Whole Lot of Fun – Interacting with the water elements and even falling in is part of the experience, making it a lot more fun!

  • While there is SUP Yoga in Singapore, it’s generally done off the beaten track at Sentosa and Pasir Ris – not the most accessible.

    Did you know that there is a version for the swimming pool too?

    Not only can you do yoga-inspired moves, you’d also be able to experience pilates-inspired programmes, as well as HIIT and calisthenic bodyweight programmes as well!

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