Fitness Trend – Workout Like a Sailor

Imagine that your are a captain sailing your boat in rough seas. Now imagine the rumble and physicality you need to steer your boat to calmer waters. How fit do you think you need to be to successfully pull off such a thing?

Answer: Very fit.

Sailing is a sport that will work many aspects of physical fitness – Core and muscle strength, Aerobic fitness, Balance and agility.

Want to get a sailor’s workout without actually being on a boat?

The concept of working out on unstable, constantly moving platforms has recently started to gain popularity among fitness enthusiasts. SUP Yoga, Surf Set, or The Fitness Project’s HydroFit Series are all effective in their own way, and they all work towards the same goals:

1. A Full Body Workout
2. Improving Functional Qualities by increasing flexibility for all joints, range of motion, and power application.
3. Balance, Coordination, and Control by improving awareness of your body through the actions on these unstable platforms.
4. Injury Prevention by activating and strengthening stabilising muscles in you joints and spine for better health and injury prevention.

The Fitness Project HydroFit Pump Programme

If you’re looking for an effective workout that doesn’t wreck your body with heavy equipment or pounding hard surfaces, try one of these options and we are sure you will be pleasently surprised!

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