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The HydroFit Series takes a regular workout from its usual surroundings to a floating mat on a swimming pool. Designed with the paddle surfboard in mind but with far more stability due to anchor ropes tied to lane ropes, HydroFit classes are conducted on Boga Fit boards, and activities such as Yoga or PT are performed as part of the programme.

  • Full Body Workout – Increases overall power, strength, and agility.
  • Enhance Functional Qualities – Increase flexibility for all joints, range of motion, and power application.
  • Improve Balance, Coordination, and Control – Improve awareness of your body and be more conscientious of how the body works. Helps with better body balance, coordination and control.
  • Injury Prevention – Activate and strengthen stabilising muscles in our joints and spine for better health and injury prevention.
  • Soft Landing – Working out on floating mats lessen impact on joints while performing exercises and activities
  • Whole Lot of Fun – Interacting with the water elements and even falling in is part of the experience, making it a lot more fun!


The HydroFit Zen Programme takes you on a journey away from the hustle and bustle of hectic urban life, into a world of rejuvenation and respite. The Programme is a combination of Yoga and Pilates inspired movements performed on floating BOGA FitMats. Flowing HydroFit Zen movements coupled with the elements of nature and soothing effects of water on the five bodily senses, make it an ideal workout to engage the self in mind, body and spirit.

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The HydroFit Pump Programme pushes you beyond your comfort zone, adding a new dimension to regular workouts. The Programme consists of a variety of bodyweight callisthenics exercises, like push ups, sit ups, and squats, performed on floating BOGA FitMats. The instability of the floating BOGA FitMats fires up different stability muscles rarely used when bodyweight callisthenics exercises are performed on land. This results in a more intense, fun and wet workout!

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