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The Best Way to Reach Your Fitness Goals

As technology advances, we find that we are faced with an array of choices in all facets of our life. This in turn increases our appetites for newer, brighter and shinier things all the time and forget that the best things in life take time. We discover that our patience is lowered, and we are […]


Instructor Profile: Marian Ang

Marian joins us as one of the pioneers of SUP Yoga in Singapore. Having been in the hospitality industry for 14 years, Marian rediscovered yoga on a Stand Up Paddle board back in 2009 which led her to practise yoga more deeply, and eventually left her corporate job to seek teaching certification in 2013. She […]

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What Conor McGregor Needs, and so Does Everyone Else

We are sure you’ve seen the Conor McGregor warm up routine with rubber arms. If you haven’t –> It’s even been made into a dance, but that’s besides the point. Whether we are amused or enchanted by this man’s rubber arms, we know that McGregor has mastery over his body. Balance, flexibility, agility – you […]



Peter joins us as a long time yogi and experienced instructor. Peter is a qualified Yoga Alliance Instructor who has been practicing Yoga for a number of years. He specializes in Vinyasa, Hatha, Power Yoga and Yogalates. He believes that Yoga is a journey for everyone to explore their body with many benefits to be […]


Instructor Profile: Grace Lee

Grace is as experienced as they come. Fitness, wellness and health are a lifestyle for her. She is an active and sporty person, and has very positive attitude towards life. Her yoga journey started since she was a teenager. She is passionate about wellness and fitness and is keen to share her knowledge with others. […]


Instructor Profile: Jane Tan

While Jane has only joined us on our HydroFit Journey recently, she has been involved in the fitness industry for a while. Jane has been teaching Yoga since 2001. She graduated from Shivshakti Institute (International), India. Before her Yoga journey she was an Aerobics instructor certified to teach Body Combat, Kickboxing, Body Pump, Body Balance […]

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Fitness Trend – Workout Like a Sailor

Imagine that your are a captain sailing your boat in rough seas. Now imagine the rumble and physicality you need to steer your boat to calmer waters. How fit do you think you need to be to successfully pull off such a thing? Answer: Very fit.